About Me

Hello! My name is Irene Serrano and I am a graduate student attending Mills College. I am in my second year at Mills, I am participating in the MA in Interdisciplinary Computer Science Program and I plan to graduate in Spring of 2022. I am completely new to CS as a major, as I studied Civil Engineering during my undergraduate studies.

Email: iserrano@mills.edu

About My Mentor

I have Colleen Lewis as my mentor and she is pretty nice and funny. She is very welcoming and very supportive. She is currently working at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Her research area is Computers and Education.

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About My Project

The project that I will be working on involves bringing awareness to prospective, diverse CS students that working in STEM career fields can bring about positive social impact and not just contribute to modern conveniences; in doing so, we increase their sense of belonging in CS. At this point in the project, I will be helping out with staging interventions to achieve this goal.

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My Blog